Carwash Solutions

Carwash solutions

We specialize in designing, realizing and assembling car wash infrastructure. We carry out construction projects like this throughout Europe. We have developed solutions in-house for our custom-made self-service carwash, ecological carwash and self-construction carwash.

Fully customisable

Custom-made self-service carwash

Self-service car washes are an absolute specialty of ours. We developed various design concepts, each with its own style as well as the appropriate functionalities. We offer suitable high-quality solutions for every budget.

In addition to self-service car wash bays, we also construct the required equipment room and the vacuum cleaner installations.


Ecological carwash

Our ecological carwash focuses on 2 main aspects: Solar panels integrated into the roof and the reuse of water used in washing the cars. This type of carwash is also fully customizable.

Do it yourself

Self-construction carwash

Our self-construction (or DIY) carwash is designed so that the customer can set up this type of carwash by himself. This carwash is also fully dismountable.

About us

CSC Industries

About us

We have grown into the largest manufacturer of car wash installations in the Benelux area in recent years. We have developed our concepts based on our technical expertise in this market segment. We take pride in our work and strive painstakingly to deliver high-quality steel products, designed and manufactured to ensure our clients' satisfaction.


Our numerous years of experience have given us the expertise needed to support you in every step of the process with essential advice for defining your concept in more detail and developing the technical design. We will assign a project manager who will do all the project’s follow-up and communication.


The same office building houses both our design team and workshop. This enables us to provide quick turnaround times and effective communication between design and manufacturing, which includes skilled welders and metalworkers.

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Our advice and concept definition service, enables every self-storage project to become a viable business activity for, even if you have no previous experience in the storage sector.

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