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Eco-friendly and self sustaining carwash

Why you should go for an eco-friendly carwash

Environmental issues are becoming more prevalent. In some countries, climate change has an impact on the amount of water that may be used during dry seasons when there is no rain. This has a significant impact on the establishment and operation of carwashes. The costs of carwash stations are also affected by high power and gas rates.

We have created solutions at csc-industries that ensure your self-service carwash has water despite droughts and can also generate its own electricity to save money.

Integrated solar panels

Solar panels are fitted onto the roof of our environmentally friendly and self-sustaining carwash. This allows your carwash station to generate its own electricity, lowering your expenditures. Additionally, the use of LED lighting might help your carwash operation save money.

This roof can be used in conjunction with any style of column or equipment room.

Reuse of water

With a recycled water system, old wash water can be cleaned to the point where it can be reused for subsequent washes. This saves you money by lowering the amount of fresh water your car wash uses and the amount of waste you release into the environment. You’ll be able to reuse 99 percent of the water used to wash a car with our recycled water system.

This helps your carwash to stay open during droughts while also saving you money on water.

This type of carwash, like our self-service carwash, can be completely customized. Columns, technical rooms, INOX, and LED lighting can all be combined to meet your specifications. To see all possible combinations, go to our self-service page.