Our expertise

Why should you choose CSC-Industries as carwash manufacturer and installer?

In addition to our knowledge sharing and step by step guidance for your carwash facility installation, we have our own craftsmen to handle production and assembly of our high quality products and materials. As a specialized metal processing company, we have all the required craftsmen and machinery for producing and assembling all the structural elements for your carwash facility in-house.

Short lines between design and production

Our design team and workshop are housed in the same company building. This allows us to guarantee short lines and clear communication between design and production.

This comprehensive approach distinguishes us from many other suppliers who concentrate exclusively on design and sales or solely on production. We keep the entire process in our own hands, which ensures extra quality guarantees and maximum flexibility for our clients.

As a specialized metal processing company we have experienced metal workers

Our production team – comprising experienced metalworkers and welders – translates the technical design into the required metal components. Each part of your carwash installation is custom-made to match your configuration.

Specialized assembly teams

After production, we bring all technical storage components on site, and our assembly teams set to work on realizing and finishing the self-storage facility construction. At any time, we have several specialized assembly teams working at different locations in Europe.